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Breast Reduction surgery is performed to address chronic symptoms associated with large breasts and improve breast aesthetics. It simplifies clothing issues and raises self esteem for many women. Patient satisfaction is high with this procedure despite some scarring that is unfortunately a part of this procedure. Breast reduction effectively alleviates neck and back pain, as well as bra strap irritations associated with heavy breasts. Rashes under the breasts are often eliminated as well following surgery. Posture is improved both from removing excessive breast weight and because of greater self confidence. Breast reduction can be performed at any age although women between 15 and 30 represent the largest group. Older women who have developed large breasts as a result of weight gain or postmenopausal changes also are candidates. Prior to the procedure, New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Dana Khuthaila, will meet with every patient to discuss their goals and expectations for surgery, as well as to inform the patient of the details of their chosen procedure. This discussion is important in helping patients achieve the precise results they desire. Each procedure is customized for the patient.

Surgical Technique

During breast reduction surgery, surgeon skill is important. In addition to minimizing scarring, there will be a focus on maintaining a healthy blood supply to the nipple areola complex. This is essential because once the nipple and areola are repositioned, blood vessels will work to reestablish blood flow in order to prevent discoloration of the nipple and loss of feeling. Excess breast tissue is generally removed through a liposuction method and loose skin will also be surgically removed. 

Vertical Reduction

Breast reduction surgery removes skin from the lower part of the breast to gain access to the underlying gland. Breast tissue is then removed mostly from the outer part of the breast, less from the center, and least from the inner aspect. During skin closure the nipple position is pushed upward and the diameter of the areola is reduced. Contrary to a common misconception the nipple and areola are not disconnected from the breast at any time during surgery. Plastic drains are placed prior to final skin closure to draw off fluid produced as a byproduct of the procedure.

During/After Surgery

A breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia at an accredited surgical facility as an outpatient procedure. It typically takes about 2-4 hours to complete. During surgery, a training tube may be placed to control bleeding and swelling. For the first several weeks, patients will be directed to wear a surgical bra or compression garment. Most patients are able to return to work within 1-2 weeks, and may begin exercising by 4-6 weeks. The visible results of a breast reduction will be immediate. However, it may take 6 months or longer for nipple sensitivity to return.  

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Breast Reduction FAQs

Long-Lasting Results?

The results following breast reduction surgery should remain the same as long as a significant amount of weight gain does not occur. The natural aging process and gravity will, over time, change the laxity of a woman’s breast, but the size should remain steady if there is not a pregnancy or weight gain that follows.

Areola Reduction?

One of the drawbacks to having excessively large breasts is an enlarged areola (the slightly darker area surrounding the nipple). Thankfully, breast reduction surgery corrects this. Since the incision occurs around the areola, it is a relatively simple technique to trim away the desired amount of areola and reshape it into a smaller size so it looks proportional with the new breast size and shape.

Average Reduction Size?

This varies depending on the patient’s aesthetic and physical goals. After breast reduction surgery, it is common to go down a complete cup size, if not two.  

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